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The arrival of the railway in Meursault in 1848, incites Jean Ropiteau to found his own wine house. Aged 24, this winemaker from Monthélie , whose Burgundian roots date back to the 16th century, has sensed that this new means of transport would permit him to make Burgundy wines famous throughout the world. His vision resulted in success and soon the name Ropiteau became a synonymous to the great white Burgundy wines.
Situated in Meursault, the cellars from the XVth and XVIIth century are among the most prestigious in Burgundy and are a former property of the Hospices de Beaune. With about 900 barrels in its cellars, Ropiteau Frères is today one of the biggest producers of oak matured white wine in Burgundy.

Discovery of " terroirs"
Grape-variety, soil, climate:
The nature of the soil can vary significantly within the space of a few metres and this, together with differences in depth of soil, height, exposition, combine to endow each wine with its own special qualities of taste and aroma and goes far to explain why today the vineyards of Burgundy resemble a huge mosaic of distinct small parcels of land, often enclosed with stone walls.
Climate is nature’s way of giving a final touch to the personality of a wine and determines the vintage. Burgundy enjoys a continental type of climate with dry cold winters and – for perfect maturation of the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes – hot, sunny summers.

The grapes are selected amongst the best parcels before the harvest and the individual vinification on the barrels allows isolating the different character of each of those plots. We are able to follow and guide the development of each wine in a very precise way all along its life
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